The Queen of the Fundy Isles – Grand Manan

Grand Manan is the largest island in the Bay of Fundy, sitting where the Bay of Fundy meets the Gulf of Maine and is the perfect day trip from St. Andrews!

There is no place quite like Grand Manan Island where nature, history and tradition have cooperated to make this island unique. Your visit can be as quiet or as exciting as you wish! You can count on being a world away from city life and an ocean away from the everyday.

Grand Manan Island has a unique and varied geology. Did you know that on Red Point Beach, you can find magnetic sand? And that some people have found amethyst, agate, zeolites and copper on Grand Manan? Grand Manan is also a well-known birdwatchers’ paradise. John James Audubon once lived on Grand Manan. Drive/Ferry time: 4:15 min + exploring time!

  1. Please note there are limited services of gas stations on the island, so it’s a good idea to gas or charge up before you leave. 
  2. Leave St. Andrews and take Route 127 East (right at Tim Horton’s), direction Saint John. Merge onto the TransCanada Highway #1 until exit 60 and follow Route 176 all the way to the Grand Manan Ferry Terminal. (40 minutes).
  3. Coastal Transport Limited operates the M.V. Grand Manan Adventure and M.S. Grand Manan V ferries with comfortable lounges, multiple outdoor viewing decks and a cafeteria where you can enjoy a light snack or a full meal.
  4. There is no fee for crossing to Grand Manan Island and the crossing time is approximately 1.5 hours. Fees are charged on the return sailing to the mainland.
  5. Grand Manan Island will show you everything from rugged coastline to sandy beaches. Bring your mountain bike or kayak to explore. Swallow Tail Lighthouse and Long Eddy Point Lighthouse both provide spectacular marine views and outdoor interpretation.
  6. If you are early for the ferry on the mainland, the terminal is right next to the Connor Bros. Nature Preserve at Pea Point and the Pea Point Lighthouse.
  7. Grand Manan Dulsea wild sea vegetable resembling lettuce is hand-harvested off the coast of Grand Manan Island. The cliffs, cold water and minimal sunlight make for optimal growing conditions for the salty treat. Dulse is shipped to Europe, Australia and the United States and it is big business on Grand Manan.
  8. As the perfect day trip, make a reservation to take the 9:30 am (or 7:30 am if you’re an early riser) ferry from Black’s Harbour and make another reservation to return to the mainland on the 5:30 pm or 7:15 pm ferry departing Grand Manan. Remember to check in 45 minutes prior to departure or you could risk losing your spot!

Bring your camera or smart phone so you can capture all the amazing views and memories from Grand Manan!