Island Hopping Day Trip

Visit two islands of the Bay of Fundy – Deer Island and Campobello – in one day.

St. Andrews is the perfect home base for this day-trip adventure! The Islands will capture your heart with breathtaking views and unspoiled nature at its best. You can also hike along the trails, walk the beaches, birdwatch and explore lighthouses. If you choose, you can make the return trip via the State of Maine for even more great sightseeing. Drive/Ferry time: 3 hours

Please note there are limited services of gas stations on the islands, so it’s a good idea to make sure you gas up before you head out. Eateries along the way are available during the summer months.

Part 1: Drive to the First Ferry

Leave St. Andrews and take Route 127 East, direction Saint John (bear right at Tim Horton’s). Merge onto the TransCanada Hwy #1 until Exit 52 through the lovely town of St. George or wait until Exit 56 for a more direct route and follow Route 172 all the way to the Deer Island Ferry (47 min).

Part 2: Take the First Ferry

The two ferries pass each other in the Bay as they run every 30 minutes daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm to and from the mainland and Deer Island. There is no fee for the Deer Island ferry crossing and it takes about 20 minutes to cross.

Part 3: Enjoy Deer Island!

Deer Island is home to the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere – the Old Sow – easily seen from the Deer Island Campground beside the Campobello ferry landing and best 3 hours before high tide.

Part 4: Take the Second Ferry

Once you have finished enjoying Deer Island, drive across the island and get in line to board yet another ferry! This ferry service is operated by East Coast Ferries and a toll is charged for each crossing. The ferry leaves Deer Island on the hour between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm and Campobello on the half hour between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm (The two last trips are omitted in June and September). This crossing is only available June through September.

Part 5: Enjoy Campobello!

Campobello Island is a small Canadian island off the coast of Maine. Two of the island’s most popular sites include the Roosevelt Campobello International Park – former summer home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor and their family for over 56 years – and East Quoddy Lighthouse – one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.

At Roosevelt Cottage, learn the history of the island and its significance to the Roosevelt family.

Locally referred to as the Head Harbour Lighthouse, this is one of Canada’s oldest lighthouses. Now automated, its purpose has always been to help boats navigate the Bay of Fundy and the Passamaquoddy Bay. Enjoy the iconic drive to the lighthouse and time your visit carefully as it is only accessible an hour and a half before, and one hour after, low tide. TIP: If you are early – drive past the Deer Island mainland ferry landing to the Green’s Point Lighthouse. Its onsite museum is open seasonally.

Other popular activities on Campobello Island include beachcombing, bird watching, hiking, nature walks, and whale watching.

Part 6: Return to St. Andrews

When it’s time to head back, retrace your steps on the two ferries or you can also take the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Bridge, an international bridge which connects the community of Lubec, Maine in the United States with Campobello Island across the Lubec Narrows. You will need your passport to cross into the US and then, after a one-hour drive, back into Canada at Calais/St. Stephen. The total return driving trip is about 90 minutes, depending on border crossing times.